Ferries From Leros to Kos to Bodrum to Kos to Leros + Hotels

Noah and Nelly decided the best way to drop Nellie at Bodrum airport would be to leave the boat in Leros where it would be safe and take the ferries which were pretty reasonable

Leros – Kos on the very fast catamaran  20 Euros

Kos – Bodrum  on the tripper boats 15 euros each way or 17 return if you come back on the same day. St Maria and Kostakis.

Kos back to Leros  on the big Blue Star car ferry 14 euros leaves late from Kos so you get in at about 11 at Leros.

Some pics of Kalymnos one of the stops for the catamaran.


Kos where we stayed at the Thomas Hotel clean and near the marina but we could have got it cheaper we paid 50 Euros and only 28 on the next visit. Breakfast was good and included.

Bodrum we stayed at the Marin Hotel shown below.






Never pick a hotel next to a mosque. Its worse than church bells. You get scriptures sung out over loudspeakers at least 3 or 4 times a day. Thankfully not too early in the morning . This mosque was next to the Alamatra Marin which otherwise was fine given it was in a very noisy area in the thick of the town.( If you know what I mean ) Breafast was good and included in the price



The Tango bar in Bodrum. Nice poses Eh Mark. Just managed to catch the ferry back. Nearly missed it due to ordering a pizza at the last minute and it taking more than five to arrive. The ferry had to re lower the gangplank for me and 5 other latecomers. Good job I got my passport stamped otherwise there would have been trouble. Well Nelly is in England now and Noah is on Varnish duty in leros awaiting guests.

More ancient antiquities in Kos and Bodrum. Ever heard the term columned  out ?




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