Nelly is back and the work begins in earnest

Well it was always going to happen. Jenny was going to have a baby, yes and Nelly was quite rightly always going to jump ship to go and see him. Solon has even been removed from the desktop on the laptop replaced by the more perfect form of Remy Carl. Life went on at Leros Marina as best it can with the opportunity to get ahead on the years varnish refresh and some badly needed repairs on the bow damaged in Karlovasi. Also guitar practice and cycling rides are optimistically planned. Numbers of texts has also gone sky high and auto top ups seemed to happen every few days until Chris and Anja turned up to relieve Noah’s boardom, dragging him away from the pitta gyros, and sailing resumed to the islands of Patmos,  Arki and Lipsoi then back to Leros again.

The first days run up to Patmos was a beat into a swell so all was not well after an hour both the new crew suffered from a bit of seasickness.  Thankfully the rest of the week was downwind sailing and all were much happier. Highlights were The Chora at Patmos with its monastery and spectacular views and many cats. The snorkelling at Pandelli where I would swear we had nearly 500 fish all close to us when we fed them with bananas, all different sizes and markings. More pitta Gyros and more wine. Scootering around Leros on one of the windiest days of the summer.An interesting anchorage in Arki where we held in the weed but others around us dragged most notably a Kiwi boat dragged near to us when its crew were all below asleep and it took a mighty shout to awaken them. They politely moved before the night was out.



DSC02926   DSC02954

DSC02942  DSC02963



That’s all a distant memory now as after Nellies return and  a couple of settle in days, Solon was craned out and the work began in earnest. We quickly finished off last years sanding machine which died with a cough and a splutter and had to buy a new one. Nelly sanded a hole in her finger whilst working on the varnish and claimed she couldn’t work (Clever she is). The target 6 coats on the lot. Well in reality we probably never really make that but its good to aim high they say !!! We have worked or way through about 20 metres of sandpaper of various different grades but have managed to use just one brush for all of the varnishing and one for the white topsides



Anode off the prop- amazing the corrosion in a year

Its now been 12 days since the craning and we  think we have broken the back of it. The wind is due to go ballistic again tomorrow so we will wind back a bit. Once again we watch the GRP boats being craned out around us, the owners promptly heading for the airport only a few days later- as we add sawdust to the air and move trestles around the boat.  Before you start to feel sorry for us, there is always the swim off the marina wall afterwards to cool off, temperatures still reaching the high 20’s mid day,  the sea is around high teens/ low 20’s. Also, the good news is that the new fridge raced Chris and Anja from the UK, (collected from Anja’s work) it took just over a week to arrive, and Solon can now offer COLD BEER, BUTTER, JUICE and COLD WHITE WINE ! Hooraah!!!


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One Response to Nelly is back and the work begins in earnest

  1. Sandra says:

    Salon looks great, and the fridge news is fantastic, it will change your lives at sea no dought 😎 love San x

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