A winter in Leros

This time last year we had a busy social life which eased our 6 week working schedule on Solon; BBQ, Quiz night, music night (rehearsals for Noah on various boats which got him off work early!)  Exercise classes for Nelly 3 times a week, along with ladies coffee mornings and visits to Olive groves to name but a few of the events on offer amongst a community of people. On Leros at the end of October even the marina bar has closed down, and once the Southerly winds and rains blew through the temperatures began to drop, and we have had to dig out the jeans, socks and fleece for the cool evenings. There were a few days when we couldn’t be tempted into the sea at the close of the working day, which is now around 5.30pm forcing us into the cabin, until the wind dropped and the temperatures once again returned to around 20 mid day. Only the odd boat is craned out, the owners waste no time in packing it up and head for the airport. As no one is about we concentrate on the jobs to be done to close the boat for 6 months- all open herbs, flour and cereals to be binned or they will host little beasts over the winter months! We cannot believe the season has already come to a close. That being said it is still very bright and dry- ideal conditions for working on our lovely wooden boat- and we are glad not to be trying to varnish and paint in a British October! Our hard work last year paid off and thanks to the “6 coats” technique Solon was in a much better condition, we shaved 2 weeks off the works programme and have even managed to varnish some of the inside woodwork this year.


DSC03088  DSC03151


Even the little kitchen looked clean and tidy!

We are always amazed by the number of people who come to chat with us as we work on Solon. Quite often their opening pitch is something like “ we used to have a wooden boat like her…….our first boat was a beautiful wooden boat, bigger than this but……….we had a little project boat similar to Solon……”  We get the picture, seems like we are not the only ones who were seduced by the beauty of an old wooden boat. For now we are just pleased that she is holding together so well, and she might be a few mm smaller year by year but she scrubs up well. Of course, this is Nelly’s favourite view of Solon recently re-decorated:


Here are a few of our favourite images of Leros, which will keep us going over the winter until we return to her in the Spring.






DSC03146 DSC03211

We think we will treat ourselves to a new flag when we return- thanks to Bobbie and Paul who leant us their spare when our flag and pole were ripped from the boat in a nasty moment in Porto Koufo and to Robi and Giuliyana for crocheting us a new cover for the nose of the boat- thanks mates! We also thank them for their company sailing this year and not to forget Sian and Graham and Lars and Maria and Gordon and Pauline and all the other lovely yachties we met. So its off to work for the winter Chalet Hosting again. Yippee!!!!

PS 103 posts to date, thanks for following us and for all your lovely comments xx


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7 Responses to A winter in Leros

  1. masondek says:

    Happy Chalet Hosting, hope you have a good winter.
    Lilian & Derek

  2. Lianne says:

    Good to know you are doing well! Enjoy reading your posts. Knowing you two and reading your experiences and how you write about it…it makes us smile. You missed your calling…
    Take care.

  3. Paul Taylor says:

    Hi shipmates! Glad to hear your varnishing has finally come to an end , I’m sure Solon is looking fab! I bet your looking forward to the snow now , hope you have a good season , were still in turkey but have bought another house project so,will return later this month to work on that , hope to see you both somewhere next year , all the best Paul and Bobbie

  4. Robert says:

    Hello Hello,

    Are you still living the life of skiing land lubbers then? We haven’t heard from you for a while so hope all is well.


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