Swapping snow for Sunshine !!

What a contrast it was from Sunsoaked Greece with its clear blue waters and Tavernas and relaxed slow lifestyle to the snowladen mountains of the Alps and its mountain restaurants and the pace of keeping the clients happy each week in the Chalet.We had great fun in the mountains, and although the snow was one of their worst years on record we had sufficient to enjoy the boarding, discovering new tracks and loving the sunny blue skies.  We had high aspirations for our snowboarding, given that we were now going to do a full season, but alas the 360 jump and tail grab still allude us and will have to wait for next year’s season. We were, however, proud to have got around a 180 from a blue jump- and have had to settle for that for the time being!

We also made new friends Shana our Resort Manager and Gerry and Jenny from Ski Etoile amongst many others.Here are a couple of our favourite shots to give you a flavour of our season:


Photo1433     Photo1507


Photo1405  Photo1396

We were lucky enough to be looked after by our families for our 3 week stay in the UK, and we have been stocking up on kisses and hugs with our Grandson to keep us going through the sailing season. We are returning to the boat in the next few days and will update you on our route and intentions for this year’s sailing- once we have decided where to go!


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3 Responses to Swapping snow for Sunshine !!

  1. Will says:

    Glad to hear you are still afloat, had wondered what had happened to you. Is this the pattern then, mountains for winter, med for boating in the summer? Bloomin’ marvellous

  2. paul adler says:

    Great pics guys, good luck for the regatta season….Let us know if you plan to dock in Antibes !!!

  3. Robert says:

    Finally! I was getting worried you had got stuck in the snow. Cant wait to hear all the new up dates when your back on the water.
    Safe travels

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