Solon Sails Away….. without us this time


They say the two happiest days of a sailor’s life is the day he buys a yacht and the day he sells her. We, however, had mixed emotions as we stood on the quay and watched her new American owner and his Greek charter boat skipper mate motor out into the bay. We had spent so much time maintaining her, she felt like an old house you bought and spent hours getting her just the way you wanted everything- all to hand and convenient- looking her best- only to let her go.

However, on the plus side we are now boatless and enjoying this unexpected sense of freedom- without the stresses of carefully checking the weather and the holding of the anchor.We are now holed up in a 2 bedroomed apartment in Leros, not far from the Marina.  We have washing machine, fridge, shower and a sunny balcony- all the comforts of home and have a few weeks to reflect on what we want to do next. For all her beauty, Solon was tight for 2 people to live aboard, and we now feel we want something with a bit more comfort to travel further on the high seas- and to be truthful the Mediterranean environment is not ideal for a wooden boat unless you paint it all white…. So reluctantly we will be looking for a plastic boat next time around.



Nelly makes herself at home on the sunny balcony, what a great view of someone’s fruit gardens, we could get used to it here!

When we started this blog it was all about the journey, and the adventure of arriving in new ports, sharing the scary and funny things that happened enroute. Now we have paused in our journey, and are reluctant to rush into getting another yacht, especially as we have our son’s wedding in September to look forward to- now only 13 weeks away! We will therefore not bore you all with our search for a replacement, unless that is the search takes us to exotic locations! The internet is such a useful and dangerous tool, we find ourselves looking at yachts which Noah points out “you do realise that one is in Australia don’t you?”

We have met so many lovely people on our travels, many of whom have spent over 20 years on boats, which makes our 3 years pale into insignificance. They all say the same, that there is a 10 year bench mark which is often a time to sell up and return to grandchildren/ home or friends. We need to find a much loved yacht that someone like this is selling, so that we can continue the travel and benefit from all the work and experience that these seasoned sailors have entrenched into their boats- or of course we could just rush out and get the next thing we see!!!


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13 Responses to Solon Sails Away….. without us this time

  1. Paul says:

    Congrats on your pause …Come and visit Fayence during the summer! Xx

  2. mayclair2 says:

    I bet it was a shame to let it go. Still now you can relax and enjoy life at a slower pace for a while x

  3. Sandra Johnson says:

    It must be like loosing an old friend, hope you enjoy your time ashore and you do not get too bored San xx

  4. Steve Millichip says:

    A beautiful location for a pause, good luck in the search for your new replacement

  5. Robert says:

    The end of an era, goodbye Solon!

    A double edged sword indeed my friends. It looks like Nelly is not spending too much time dwelling on things though and is happy to return to Sun worshipping duties 🙂

    We hope you enjoy your freedom and cant wait to see the new addition when you find them. I only hope we get a chance to see you on your return in September, stay safe and dont get to bored!!!!!


  6. Telfer says:

    I’ll miss your blog, well………..for the time being. que sera! you still have 7 years. There’s another boat out there already psyching you out!!

    • Hi Telfer Is that you from Gibraltar ? Yes already looking for the next boat something big enough to get us across the pond. R u still in GiB working ? Might see you in a couple of years on the way out of the med.

  7. James Luxton says:

    I ran across this accidentally. I gave Solon of Toorak her name in 1973. It was originally Zena K, terrible. I purchased the boat from Wally Clark in Cowes. Clare Lallow did some work on her

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